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Download Minecraft for free on Android: meet updated camels, remove items from chiseled bookshelves, and build from bamboo blocks with updated textures!

What is interesting in Minecraft PE

There are some changes from The Mojang team in Minecraft Players can use bamboo blocks in recipes like any other wood. Using a saddle helps to equip camels. New bookshelves have additional slots to remove books.

The developers also fixed issues and improved some textures. For example, Vex textures in Bedrock Edition are the same as in Java.


These beautiful blocks have some changes in Minecraft PE Players can build houses from it. But now they can not use bamboo mosaic as the primary wood plank in recipes.

Some of these blocks have updated textures, and their lighting is better now.


Many crafters have already tried to ride a camel. Now they can use dispensers to equip saddles to the mobs. These animals of Minecraft live in desert villages and have long legs that help them to move fast.

Camels can stop and sit for a while and have some rest.

By the way, two players can ride one camel simultaneously.


Chiseled bookshelves can become interior items in Steve’s personal library. This is a functional item in Minecraft PE The developers have added slots for removing books.

Users can write text on hanging signs and place them in their world. Any wood, including bamboo, can be used for it.

It is more convenient to use new signs instead of old ones.

Playable mob sounds

There are changes in mob sounds that Minecraft players hear from note blocks. They should place a mob head on it. The sound of Ender Dragon is lower now.


The Mojang developers fixed a bug with players’ hitboxes and nameplates after death. Mobile control in Minecraft PE also is better now.

OS: Android
Changes: camel, bamboo wood, chiseled bookshelf
Release date: 07 December 2022
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to use bamboo blocks?
    Players can use these blocks like any other wood.
  • How to equip saddles to camels?
    Players can use dispensers.
  • How to remove books from chiseled bookshelves?
    Players should hold a book in one hand.

Download MCPE

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