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Download Sister Location Map for Minecraft PE: visit new territories to meet characters from Freddy pizzeria!

Best Sister Location Maps for MCPE

The story about animatronics from a creepy pizzeria has many fans. The scariest episode of the game is the fifth part called Sister Location.

According to the map plot, the character got a job at Circus Baby’s Rentals. In dark rooms, the Minecraft PE player should survive for five nights.

Night 1

It is the first stage of survival in Sister Location. It is better for Minecraft PE players should turn on the sounds of this map to make it even scarier for them. Inside the room, the user must find the buttons that he needs to press in order to get out.

Night 2

This map will be more complicated than the previous one. Minecraft PE players can meet animatronics from Sister Location. The experience gained on the first night will help them.

Night 3

This is the most unusual of the Sister Location maps for Minecraft PE. Here users will be able to find interesting mechanisms that are hidden in the building.

Finale Nights

It is the last part of Sister Location map in Minecraft PE – it’s the fourth and fifth nights. The player will find himself in a suit and again in a closed room. It will be the hardest to get out of here.

If the escape turns out to be a success, the user will be rewarded.

Realistic World

This map will be a great adventure for Sister Location fans. Here players will find a lot of detailed blocks and items. The user of Minecraft PE should carefully explore the territory, because the developer has created several secret places.

The developer created not one, but various rooms in one building. In each of them, players are waiting for mysterious finds and unexpected inhabitants.

There are Control Module, breaker room, scooping room and Circus Baby Control Module on this location.

  • How to install Sister Location Map?
    Just tap on the file and open it in Minecraft PE.
  • Can I play with friends using this map?
    Yes, it suits for a multiplayer game.
  • Can I use the map in survival mode?
    Yes, it is possible.

Download Sister Location Map for Minecraft PE

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