Minecraft PE 1.19.10
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Download Minecraft PE 1.19.10 Wild Update with a working Xbox Live: evaluate all the features of the spectator mode, as well as explore new spaces.

What is interesting in Minecraft 1.19.10?

Thanks to constant updates, the gameplay is becoming more stable and exciting. Compared to previous versions, in Minecraft PE 1.19.10, players have more diverse opportunities and options for exploring space.

An interesting mode is available in which players can act as observers, while having no way to influence what is happening. At the same time, they will be on the playing field and see everything that happens there. Other users will even be able to place blocks where they are.

New features

In order for players to always be interested in returning to the cubic world, developers are trying to add new features. For example, in Minecraft 1.19.10, switches have been redesigned so that it is easier for users to determine their state.

There are new commands that will make it easier to search for items by tags. The state of the client is now correctly synchronized, regardless of whether it was successful or not.

When players return from other dimensions, the game will no longer crash. If a creature dies completely, then the data about it is deleted from the world file.


In the process of exploring the cubic world, players have to interact a lot with various creatures. The overall impression of the gameplay depends on this. Therefore, the creators pay special attention to them.

In Minecraft PE 1.19.10, it is enough to put on gold armor so that Piglin stops attacking the hero. Also, if a mob with no experience dies next to the Sculk Catalyst, this block will blossom.

The spawn of the Wandering Trader and the tadpoles that are on land now fully comply with the Java Edition. In this version were fixed the behavior of polar bears when attacking, they will no longer panic.

Version: 1.19.10
OS: Android
Changes: Sculk Catalyst
Release date: 12 July 2022
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How can a Minecraft PE 1.19.10 player avoid a Piglins attack?
    He should wear golden armor.
  • What changes have occurred in the spectator mode in MCPE 1.19.10?
    In this mode, players can place blocks where the spectator is.
  • What happens if a mob with no experience dies next to Skulk Catalyst?
    In this case, the Sculk Catalyst will blossom.

Download MCPE 1.19.10

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