Minecraft PE 0.14.2
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Download Minecraft PE 0.14.2 for free on Android: while traveling, take a map with you and evaluate the new achievement system in the game.

What is new in Minecraft 0.14.2?

The developers of Mojang Studios paid great attention to improving the graphical component of Minecraft PE 0.14.2. A special series of smooth animations were even created. This applies mainly to weather events.

For example, when it snows or rains in the cubic world, players will be able to observe special particles. The portal to the Lower World has also undergone changes. The texture and the picture inside it have changed.

Also, players will be able to use the new achievement system, which is in exploring the world and searching for interesting and new features.


In Minecraft 0.14.2, a new useful item has appeared for users who like to travel and explore the area. The card can be exchanged by a villager for a few emeralds. Or create it yourself, it will take nine sheets of paper.

Subsequently, already explored areas will begin to appear on it. Also, players will be able to notice red marks on them. They mean that you can find something interesting in this place.

If the player aligns the map with the compass, it will be possible to mark their location on it.


In addition to the fact that a new aggressive mob appeared in the previous version of the game, the developers slightly changed the external characteristics of the existing creatures. Now players will be able to notice the light emitted by gasts and lava slugs.

Cows have become larger, and creepers, on the contrary, have been reduced. But the most interesting changes in Minecraft PE 0.14.2 affected other creatures. If a villager gets struck by lightning during the rain, he will turn into a witch.

By the way, baby zombies can ride other animals, such as sheep, cows, or spiders. And also on other adults.

Version: 0.14.2
OS: Android
Changes: droppers dispencer
Release date: 26 April 2016
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • What will it take to create a map?
    9 sheets of paper.
  • What happens to a villager if he gets hit by lightning in MCPE 0.14.2?
    He will turn into a witch.
  • How can a player get a map in Minecraft PE 0.14.2?
    Buy from a cartographer or create from paper.

Download MCPE 0.14.2

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