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Download Minecraft Trails and Tales for free on Android: visit Trail Ruins, get templates to customize armor, and improve shields!

Features of the Minecraft PE Update

Fans of archaeology and ancient treasures will appreciate the Trails and Tales update. The Mojang team offer players to have brushes, find blocks of suspicious sand and much more in Minecraft

Biomes and Structures

Those who like to look for abandoned structures will like Trail Ruins. It is a place where users can find unusual things. For example, templates that make it easy to customize a character’s armor.

Cherry grove became the most picturesque place. Minecraft PE players will find a lot of flowering trees on the territory, which make excellent objects and buildings.

If the player wants to craft dyes, he can use the petals of these trees.

Smithing Templates

Users could find armor templates before, and then the developers added new options. To use these items, Minecraft players also need to have a Smithing table. This option allows players to make the appearance of the character unique.

At the same time, the updated armor does not perform any functionality.


Before the appearance of the Sniffer, there were no creatures similar to dinosaurs in the game world. This creature will roam the biomes in search of ancient seeds. If the Minecraft PE player follows the mob, he will be able to find and grow new plants.

While in creative mode, users can take a spawn egg from the inventory to create a Sniffer.


Those who want to master the function of archaeology need to get a brush first. Also, Minecraft players need to find out where to dig: there are blocks of suspicious sand and gravel in the right places. It is their texture, which differs from ordinary blocks, that will help players choose the area where the treasures are hidden.

Shields customization

Minecraft PE players can make themselves a new shield by connecting this item with a banner. Many people know this function from the Java edition. It is worth knowing that the banner is consumed in this case.

OS: Android
Changes: suspicious gravel, pottery shards, armor trims
Release date: 12 April 2023
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • What players can find in Trail Ruins?
    They can find armor templates there.
  • What can be under suspicious sand?
    There are ancient shards.
  • How players can create a decorative pot?
    It can be created from four pottery shards.

Download MCPE

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