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Download Minecraft PE 1.5.3 Update Aquatic for Free on Android: create a conduit and use its capabilities to explore the underwater world.

What is interesting in Minecraft 1.5.3?

In this update, the developers of Mojang Studios have tried to make the gameplay more convenient and stable. Now unexpected departures will not disturb players, and they will not lose progress when new versions are released.

In the in-game store in Minecraft PE 1.5.3, a bug was fixed that did not allow users to change the skin. Also, during the game on the server, players will not leave the map.

Turtle Eggs

Small white blocks with specks on them can be seen in the sand near reservoirs. After some time, small cubs may appear from them, they will immediately strive to get to the water. This mechanic in Minecraft 1.5.3 is taken from real life, where the turtles behave similarly. When the individuals grow up a little, they return to the same place to lay eggs.

It is noteworthy that all aggressive mobs will try to destroy the masonry, so if the player wants to save the kids, he will have to protect them from danger.

In the process of growth, these animals shed their shields. From there, the player can create a shell and use it to breathe underwater or in crafting a special potion.

Turtle Master

From the turtle shell in Minecraft PE 1.5.3, users can craft a new potion that gives the player the opportunity for significant resistance, which can be useful in dangerous situations. But it should be remembered that this drink will also give a slowing effect.

The arrows of Turtle Master will also be available to players.


By building a frame and placing the heart of the sea inside, players can get help in all processes that are related to water. Within the range of this device, the hero will not receive damage, and will also receive improved underwater vision and accelerated block extraction.

The world of Minecraft 1.5.3 expands its boundaries and becomes even more interesting for all users.

Version: 1.5.3
OS: Android
Changes: bubble columns
Release date: 07 August 2018
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • What effect does the player get from the Turtle Master potion in MCPE 1.5.3?
    This potion provides significant resistance to physical effects.
  • How can a player use a turtle shell in Minecraft PE 1.5.3?
    To breathe underwater or in crafting a special potion.
  • What is conduit for?
    Within the range of this device, the hero will not receive damage.

Download MCPE 1.5.3

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